Friday, September 3, 2010

Weird Encounter

C, A, and I went to Sam's Club about a week ago and while we were there we had a very unusual experience.
Let me first say that it is very rare for me to get questions or comments about A being from China or being adopted. I do love answering legitimate questions about our adoption, however sometimes it is a good thing that encounters like these are rare.
So we were going along in the store and A was sitting in the cart and C was walking beside me when this older man walked by us. Then all of the sudden he is right beside us bent over staring at A in the cart. It kind of freaked me out. I said hello hoping to move on with out any further interaction when he excitedly asked me if he could talk to A and asked if she could speak. I was taken by surprise by the whole exchange and said, "Yeah, of course she speaks." I mean really what kind of question is that?
So the man begins to speak to A in Mandarin!!! I would have expected this if the man had been Asian, but he wasn't. A has not spoken Mandarin or Cantonese since a few months of coming home and knows only a few words. He said Ni Hao, something else I didn't know and counted with her to 10. Then we went our separate ways.
It was such an odd experience. I was completely surprised by the whole thing.

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