Friday, September 3, 2010

"I miss China."

Yesterday I was taken by surprise when I heard A tell K that she missed China.

I have asked A a few times in the past three years if she remembered anything about China. Every time the answer is the same. NO. She was just over 3 1/2 when she came home to us. So it is totally understandable for her not to remember, so why now does she say that she misses it? So I casually asked her what she missed about it. Her answer was, "I miss my friends (none of whom she can recall by name, just the idea of having friends there) and the playground." Okay, that is what I would expect a 6 year old to say. I am so thankful that A is now and forever part of our family. She is a blessing to our lives and a reminder to us that God is in control and through Him anything is possible.

Weird Encounter

C, A, and I went to Sam's Club about a week ago and while we were there we had a very unusual experience.
Let me first say that it is very rare for me to get questions or comments about A being from China or being adopted. I do love answering legitimate questions about our adoption, however sometimes it is a good thing that encounters like these are rare.
So we were going along in the store and A was sitting in the cart and C was walking beside me when this older man walked by us. Then all of the sudden he is right beside us bent over staring at A in the cart. It kind of freaked me out. I said hello hoping to move on with out any further interaction when he excitedly asked me if he could talk to A and asked if she could speak. I was taken by surprise by the whole exchange and said, "Yeah, of course she speaks." I mean really what kind of question is that?
So the man begins to speak to A in Mandarin!!! I would have expected this if the man had been Asian, but he wasn't. A has not spoken Mandarin or Cantonese since a few months of coming home and knows only a few words. He said Ni Hao, something else I didn't know and counted with her to 10. Then we went our separate ways.
It was such an odd experience. I was completely surprised by the whole thing.